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Here’s a list of all the relevant spreadsheets and their primary contact. Feel free to direct any feedback or suggestions at the relevant user on discord in the channel “#spreadsheets-dev”.

Spreadsheets Developed by Our Community

New Banking or Neobanks in AU
Spreadsheet by Kyle Secondary Editor Tony
New Payments Platform Banking Rollout and Support
Spreadsheet by Brian
Digital Wallets Support in AU
Spreadsheet by Tony Secondary Editor Kyle
This Spreadsheet is Unavailable Temporarily.
Digital Wallets Support in NZ
Spreadsheet by Tony Secondary Editor Kyle
Transaction Accounts (Ranked v3)
Spreadsheet by Brian

These are spreadsheets that are developed elsewhere and have nothing to do with our website but users may find relevant.

Externally Developed Spreadsheets

Savings Accounts
Spreadsheet by Whirlpool Users